Donnybrook garden rose

Click to visit the original postI took this photograph in the summer of 2012 at Nora’s wee cottage garden that runs parallel to the dodder footbridge in Donnybrook, Dublin. The dodder with its river, which was tinkling the water with a soft purple hue under the transient glance of the late summer sun.

As George Eliot points out in her opening chapter of the “The Mill on the Floss” ‘How lovely the river is with its dark changing wavelets.’ It seemed to me like a living companion, while I wandered along the narrow footbridge and bank to listen to its low placid current into the Floss.” There was also a mill at this very spot.

I thought it would be nice to start the Goldenbridge diary on a flowery note. Besides, I’m now a resident of Donnybrook, which is mostly a very posh part of Dublin. It is colloquially referred to as Dublin 4. It is a well sought after residential area. Unfortunately, I don’t happen to live in the posh part, but the poshness is all around me, and that can’t be too bad at all. For example, I get to enjoy the beauty of the elegantly groomed gardens at nearby Eglinton Rd.

I enjoy taking photographs, and especially of Irish flowers, which grow abundantly in most of the very spacious gardens in the tree-lined area. What pleases me so much about the flowers – such as the pink rose here, is that the garden flowers are mostly well established, due to the agedness of the houses, that date back to the Georgian and Victorian times. Hence the gardens being relatively very mature and solid.


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