Goldenbridge Special Bus


Goldenbridge “Special” bus. Circa 1970

Today is Mother’s Day, and I can’t help wondering where all the mothers of the Goldenbridge children were on the day that this photo was taken?

“This photo of children from Goldenbridge circa 1970 will definitely bring back huge memories to past inmates. [I’ve heard that a lot of survivors specifically residing in England have recently frequented the site, so have subsequently placed it here for their benefit]. I would have left the institution at the time. The backdrop is set against the outside of Goldenbridge Convent facing in the canal/graveyard general direction. The children would have been going on a rare outing on the SPECIAL bus – courtesy of nearby CIE. The latter company was very good to children in Goldenbridge. The staff organised Christmas parties for them in the rec (wreck). Kindness incarnate! They would pick up the wee ones in their arns and bring normality into their lives for those few precious hours. There are a lot of men in the photo.” Read the rest: Goldenbridge Special Bus. | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin 


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