D.O.M.: Goldenbridge ‘Garden’ Cemetery


I came up upon this amazing photo of a graveyard that is just across the way from Goldenbridge Industrial ‘School’. I was never  inside it. All I ever saw as a child coming out of the main gates at Goldenbidge was an archway that had the letters D.O.M. overhead. Children in Goldenbridge used to refer the letters to ‘Dead Old Men’. They would not have even known it was a graveyard. Sadly the fine building is gone to wreck and ruin. The graveyard also is in derelict condition.

Goldenbridge cemetery
Goldenbridge Cemetery | Funeral Services | Dublin Graveyards …
“Set on just two acres of land Goldenbridge incorporates many of the classical features that were to dominate the 19th century. Its delineated pathways and high walls create an oasis of tranquility in what is now the heart of a busy suburb.

Goldenbridge is a 19th century ‘garden’ cemetery. After the passing of the ‘Act of Easement of Burial Bills’ in 1824 a committee was established to administer the proposed cemetery. The cemetery was purchased in 1828 and the first burial took place on the 15th October of that year.

Unlike churchyards, garden cemeteries were independent of a parish church and were located outside the city in what were then quiet suburbs. Because of this these cemeteries became known as ’garden cemeteries’.”

View of Goldenbridge cemetery

I’m stunned to discover that this is so near where Keogh Sq. Barracks was, before the latter was knocked to the ground and high rise flats built in its place. It’s such a shame that so many people suffered with untold poverty in Keogh Sq. in the past.


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