Autumnal Donnybrook flowers


It’s now the second day of October. I went in search of flowers still growing in my surroundings. I didn’t have far to go, as this one was growing on a hedge along the main road outside my abode. The day had been very overcast and raining for the most part, but it wasn’t cold. I didn’t expect to get good photos, as the lighting wasn’t all that good. However, I was pleased with this one. It stands out very clearly against the leaves in the backdrop.


I really like this flower. I have taken oodles of photos of the same flower that has been growing in a different flower-bed over the years. I was disappointed when I saw that the exquisite white delicate flower had wilted. Nonetheless, it was to be expected given the time of year. So, it was just off-chance that I saw this one growing in a well sheltered nearby flower-bed. I think the gardner may have deliberately planted it there, as it is so delicate. He actually had to place stilts, with twine attached, on the other flower because it was growing very tall and top heavy and was therefore too difficult to stay upright.


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