Goldenbridge: Feelings not considered at all


Amool ‏@amalhoss1

I was very taken with the imagery in this painting that Amool put up on Twitter, and retweeted it. It is self explanatory, despite the Arabic caption. The shadow is very threatening.

Some children were sent out to families from Goldenbridge and were allegedly sexually abused on a regular basis by predator members.  

Two sisters had been adopted by a family who had consistently raped one of them. She has publicly spoken out about it.  She claimed that she had reported the abuse to the nun in charge in Goldenbridge after they had been sent back to the Industrial “School”. (I clearly remember the girls returning to Goldenbridge, and leaving once again.) Alas, it went on deaf ears, and the girls were sent back to the family once again. It was despicable to say the least. The  feelings of the girl was not considered at all. The survivor who spoke out also reckoned that her sister was abused, but the latter has never given any indication of such abuse.


Another young girl of eight stayed temporarily with a married couple, who were related to the host family. She was molested by the husband, as she slept in a bed in the corner of the marital room. Unfortunately for the child, her bed was right next to where the husband slept. All he had to do was stretch over his hand and abuse her. The same man, she later found out, became head of a charitable religious organisation. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.  

Another girl was also abused, even when she was menstruating.

Christine Buckley spoke out very strongly about the times children were lined up in the prison yard, and were ogled, by what she termed potential paedophiles, who were given the cream of the crop.

There was a daily outside maintenance worker at Goldenbridge who abused children. The abuse happened at the back of the stage. It was a very convenient spot, as the stage was positioned in the Rec hall, which was separated from the main arm of the institution. Children were given sweets in a small brown paper bag. Some of them were only too glad to do what the worker wanted with them, as it meant that they got sweets. The sweets, were a novelty to them. Fortunately, the abuse was reported by a sensible child and the worker was instantly removed from Goldenbridge.

One survivor who went to outside school each day, and was noted for being very advanced for her age was in a serious relationship with a man of nearly forty. He was married with children. The 15 year old girl met him when she went out on weekends. It was abuse of power on the part of the man, to have taken advantage of the innocence of a young vulnerable girl. He had no intention of leaving his marriage for the girl. In my estimation, he just used her. A lot of that kind of thing happened to many survivors who wanted so much to be loved, that they would fall into the arms of men of any age or status, who would meet their desperate needs.


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