Goldenbridge Feast-days

Goldenbridge Feast-Days.

Posted on March 17, 2013

Sisters of Mercy of the Union General Council 1953

photoFeast-days in general and especially St. Patrick’s Day were far more relaxing times spent in Goldenbridge. Child inmates were able to breathe more easily than at any other time, as there were less floggings and some noticeable small treats such as two or three bulls-eyes sweets and the like.

For example: Dinnertime too was the best of all, as dinners were inclined to be that much larger in portions. Also there even may have been second helpings. I vaguely recall at those those times sometimes being treated to tiny roast potatoes with mince -meat and green peas. Whilst lining up at the hatch that lay to the left hand corner at the top of the dining-hall I can recall the excitement felt at premeditating on the green peas that subsequently would have been thrown up in mid air, and devoured down another hatch, if the wide the open mouth of mine gauged their landing properly; all before the staff had hopefully caught my eye, before reaching the six-seater dinner table. The green jelly and ripple ice-cream was to die for indeed.

Holy days had had such a more positive effect on the nuns, and it seeped over on to the children. It’s a sad indictment really to think that religious feast-days were the only times that the nuns saw fit to feed children properly. Their whole lives were dependent on religion for survival.

Nuns’ religious garb were meticulously reconditioned, and their snow white starched coifs were more stiffer and whiter than snow. The pleats in the black garb was more noticeable. They also wore easily removable bainin-coloured flowing sleeves whilst in the chapel in the aftermath of Easter. There was an air of holiness all around. It rubbed off on the children.


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