Goldenbridge cloister

1377295_715328058495810_669829791_n-1In Goldenbridge convent photos that I’ve seen thus far there is no sign of a long cloister that was there during my incarceration period in the mid 50s/late 60s. So the one seen here is indeed such a rarity. If you look to the top left hand corner of the photo in the background you’ll see the cloister that industrial “school” children had to stand underneath in all weathers waiting for the priest to arrive to say daily mass at 7: 00 a.m.. The industrial “school” lay not too far beyond (unseen) left  of photo. It was neatly hidden away from all.

Looking at the chairs that local communion boys are sitting/standing on I do remember that whenever there were concerts and annual films in the Rec [wreck] hall that chairs of that style were stored at the back of the stage in the Rec hall. The chairs were also similar to ones used in the dining hall. The paddock field behind was home to a donkey by the name of Neddy.

Sorry Communion boys! I don’t mean to make you secondary to the contents of this post. However, for GB posterity reasons I thought the cloister and the like needed mentioning.


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