Goldenbridge Rec [wreck] hall.


If it hadn’t been for Communion photo events taken at Goldenbridge, there would hardly be much evidence that even the Industrial “School” existed at all. The Rec [wreck] hall can be seen in the top left hand corner. See: building with four double windows. During my time in Goldenbridge there was an annexe that led to the end of the [prison] yard that housed some toilets, a Victorian bathroom and laundry and a corrugated verandah fire escape. The windows seen here overlooked the end of the yard. The whole area would have had a large wall and a side door. So nothing could be seen from the front, as is the case of this photo.

The Communion girls would have come from the vicinity, and attended outside school that was on these grounds. Nonethless, I can’t help thinking that perhaps the girls with very short hair could have come from the Industrial “School’. As the nun in charge at that time was very fond of giving children crew-cuts. See: second girl to the right hand side. Indeed, I could be totally wrong, the girl’s hair could have been cut my her family.

Behind the trees was a new building that went up during my teenage years. I vaguely remember going to cookery classes there, which was for the prime purpose of gaining the Primary Certificate.


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