Goldenbridge Cemetery [D.O.M.]


As one came out of the main entrance gates at Goldenbridge industrial “school” one was greeted with an old arched stone gate entrance that was situated right across the road. It was a very secret place. It had the letters D.O.M. emblazoned on the top of the arch. Goldenbridge industrial “school” children always surmised that the letters meant Dead Old Men. There was never a stir from the place in all the years I can remember during my childhood. It was a place that children felt scary of due to its D.O.M connotation. So, am stunned to learn that it was indeed an ancient graveyard with a lot of history attached to it.

Apparently the graveyard went into dereliction, and has now been rescued by a trust, and given a fantastic clean over. This photo would have been recently taken just inside the gates. D.O.M. lettering is on the outside of the gates. I note that there is a lodge to the left at the gate. There was also a similar lodge directly inside Goldenbridge industrial “school”, just right across the road. A country family lived there. Presumably the duty of the husband was to supervise the goings-on in the immediate area. Perhaps he worked for the nuns. I only vaguely remember them. I know that there were children in the household.


I watched footage of President J.F. Kennedy the other day on Twitter. It was in honour of his assassination of 50 years. I was staggered to see pictures of him in Ireland. I had pointed out to followers that at the time the president came to Ireland I would have been locked away in Goldenbridge, and thus would have been none the wiser of his visitation. The same would have been applicable with the D.O.M. graveyard right across the road from the industrial “school“. The children had no knowledge of anything outside the industrial “school”, which lay hidden, and out of sight – just the same with the historical graveyard – they too were written off. To this day, I would still feel like an outsider to the Inchicore area. I know that Keogh Square was knocked to the ground, and high-rise buildings were built, that eventually on a social behaviour level, the latter became the bane of the authorities. It’s rather ironic that the only place left standing in all its glory is the graveyard.


A wonderful job has been done on the graveyard. From reading comments on a Facebook account, it appears that other people who grew up in Keogh Square – which was right next door – were also not cognisant of the ancient graveyards’ existence.  It’s absolutely fantastic that work is being done on the graves.

I need to find out more about the trust that has taken it over. Fair dues to it, anyway. I hope local people are employed in the rejuvenation clean-up operation.


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