St. Michael’s Church, Inchicore, Dublin


All Goldenbridge inmates would have made their confirmation at St. Michael’s church. It was presided over by a visiting bishop of the diocese. Even though it was only a very short distance from the industrial ‘school’ the child inmates who never went out with any family members or had visitors of any kind would not have known of its existence before confirmation day. As inmates attended the semi-enclosed internal Goldenbridge convent chapel twice daily, and for every other church need, which entailed morning Latin mass, evening Latin litany and Latin benediction.


Calvary, St. Michael’s Church, Inchicore, Dublin 8

I recollect Sr. F. standing behind me at the main altar of St. Michael’s on my Confirmation Day in the mid-sixties. She must have moved along the aisle with each Goldenbridge confirmation girl after the bishop had blessed them accordingly. I was given the name Margaret. I discovered sometime afterwards (when I had the privilege of entering Sr. F’s cell to make her bed) that there was a framed photo certificate hanging over the nun’s bed. I had secretly read the contents, and saw that the nun’s pre-profession name had been – Margaret. She had obviously given me her name. I don’t recall putting the two together when I was in Goldenbridge. It was only as an adult that I had come to that conclusion. All I had remembered was that I had been given the Confirmation name of Margaret

I was surprised that nobody told me then that I had could choose a name of my own. I was so institutionalised. I was also shocked when other survivors told me that they had chosen their own names. I must have been so dense at the time. not to have copped on to that situation.


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