Goldenbridge cloister antics and the like via Twitter

  1. @annekquinlan Aye. ‘Buddy’ was surely an exhibitionist. I like phrase, ‘wedding tackle’. It fits perfectly with his ‘shock thriller’ actions.

  2. A maintenance man brought older girls up to the stage in Rec [wreck-hall]. He fondled them & whatever else. They were given bags of sweets.

  3. Goldenbridge girls were always asked if they’d pull ‘the sausages’ of the men in the cloister. I’d reckon some did unbeknownst to themselves.

  4. @annekquinlan Blimey — we were so innocent and clueless. I thought the man was protecting “swollen thumb” by covering it up in his pocket.

  5. @annekquinlan I remember bawling my eyes out at seeing a man in the GB cloister with a very swollen thumb. Another girl said I looked sad.

  6. So betwixt vulnerable men in cloister displaying genitals, & staff minder flashing breasts, children were introduced to others’ body parts.

  7. There was a minor staff member in Goldenbridge who used to lift her jumper up and flash & touch her breasts at young girls. She needed help.

  8. I knew another woman who was convinced that if she didn’t have huge breasts, that she would have been thrown on the dung heap. Saving Grace.

  9. @annekquinlan Twas an obsessional thing. She got so much instant attention, which she revelled in. The instant shock on folks faces said all.

  1. I often wonder do some people hide behind the feminism banner to mostly talk about sex. There are so many on Twitter who simply do sex talk.

  2. Some women will go to any lengths to enhance their breast size – so as to gain attention. Strange…these obsessions within & out of religion.

  3. I remember a woman in the country who used to lift her jumper up to reveal her breasts to onlookers in the local community hall. Streaking?!

  4. Girls in Goldenbridge were told they were disgusting, if they were seen running on the corridors, with their breasts automatically wobbling.

  5. Was reading a Wiki article where … Trans-men also wear binding 2 flatten their breasts. Survivors were given no choice.

  6. A survivor from St. George’s, Industrial “School” Limerick told me once that her breasts were daily bound with special cloth 2 flatten them.

  7. Had a letter from the RISF. Need 2 get stuff sorted out in the NY. Haven’t been up to scratch lately due to so much unnecessary distraction.

  8. The article was sent to Dr. Zimbardo by my tutor / editor of B&W. RT ‘The Goldenbridge Secret Rosary Bead Factory’ .

  9. Hard to believe that this article was written in 2006. RT ‘The Goldenbridge Secret Rosary Bead Factory’.  @sharethis.


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