Modigliani – “A girl in blue”

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  Celina ‏@celinaroth04 18 Dec

    Amadeo Modigliani- “A girl in blue”- so touching.

    Retweeted by Marie-T. O’Loughlin
    7:37 PM – 18 Dec 13 · Details
    I’d like to share very “touching” painting this seasonal tide with those who were in Goldenbridge Industrial “School”. This time of year had no significance – or very little, indeed – when we were incarcerated in that hellhole in the past. I  have no good memories at all. Excepting for the kind people who gave up parties and presents, and of which the latter were snatched away from us in the aftermath of the parties, and stored away in a big wicker-backet at the back of the stage in the Rec [wreck-hall] only to make a re-appearance at a subsequent party the following year.
    The best way to handle this time of year is to step back from the hustle and the bustle. It can be so difficult reading  online about the joy that flows from people in general, as they regale about visiting their families and friends. People want to be around joyful people. Not needy survivors. I know that survivors get extremely sad at this time, as all the past neglect is forced to the fore, and constant triggers are just waiting around the corner to make them extremely anxious and sorrowful. I personally find that not expecting people to reach out can help keep one grounded, as there are then no expectations.
    I got one Xmas card, and don’t expect to get any more. So that’ll tell one how popular I am. People keep survivors at a great distance because they have too many needs. Anyway, one only has to look at the lack of support I’ve been getting for writing, which really speaks for itself.

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