Nollaig Shona Duit

P1200691I took this photo outside the front balcony this Xmas day. It looks like the bird is lapping up the yellow berries. I had wondered if they were edible feed, as they’ve been on the branches all summer long. Perhaps, they’re left till very late when food is scarce. All sorts of birds have been fluctuating to the branches when the weather had permitted. The recent storms denuded some of the branches, but they’re still plentiful. I was told by a neighbour that the trees don’t bear berries every year. Apparently, the last time there were berries was three years go. I must look at photos of last year and see what the situation was indeed.


One has to be on the ball to get very focussed photos of birds, as they can fly off in a split second. However, if one is patient, and keeps flashing away there is bound to be luck. Can’t help thinking if these birds are young blackbirds, as there were definitely blackbirds hanging out as well. What makes me think that is the yellow on the side of the beak. Perhaps, the yellow could be from the berries. I shall have to find out.


This too is a beauty of a bird. I noticed that a lot of birds of this kind are very frequently nearby another tree. I think there could be a nest. Maybe a blackbirds’ nest. There was a lot of working going on with an extension to a house just underneath a tree that had a nest there last year.  The gardener told me that there has been a very large strange bird in the vicinity lately, that makes a very loud oink oink sound. I did hear it myself on one occasion. The magpies who had a stronghold in the area last year are keeping well into into the distance this year. They don’t even come to my balcony anymore. perhaps the resident pigeon and her mate have let it be known all around that this is their specific territory.


Here is a blackbird; there were a few of them feeding on the berries. Are they all one big happy family?


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