This is very poignant, and appropriate to the way I feel about human nature at the best of times.

Survivors of Goldenbridge will understand all too clearly about not having any expectations from human beings. They were never there for us as children, and those of us who have not been lucky to have created families will also realise that things have never changed. I truly miss my belated uncle, who always thought of me at Xmas time. I had a wee bit of hope this year, though, when I got a beautiful photo from Switzerland, and an invitation to go there for a holiday. It touched me so much. Of all the countries in the world, Switzerland is one place I pine for at this time of year. Xmas is renewal time, when I think of where I stand with the human race, it can be an eye-opener. I just don’t have communication skills to deal with people.

Shakespeare nailed it 500 years ago. Nothing’s changed. pic.twitter.com/L97XJqS52x RT @RedRobina @RCdeWinter

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