Dollymount Strand

BcwmqLrIUAAGAfqI saw this photo of Dollymount Strand on Twitter. It reminded me of one of two beaches I had occasionally frequented as a child. The other one presently escapes me. I  had  been staying with the Boyne host family, as I was on licence from Goldenbridge. So, it would not have been terribly far away.

I remember there was a very pungent smell everywhere due to the seaweed. There were a lot of banks and rockeries to roam about. I think I may have slipped off with other children, or may have been accompanied by Irene and Valerie, who were the teenage daughters of Mrs. Boyne.

I distinctly remember finding out from somebody in later years, when I returned to Boyne St., that a boy by the surname of Earl had been drowned at one of the sea-sides. I don’t know which one it was at all.  Very sad. The Earls were very boisterous happy-go-lucky boys. I think there were a lot of Earl boys in the family that lived on a top verandah approximately three verandah’s away from the Boyne’s. I vaguely remember the mother being a very tall woman.

Photo: H/t Dublin Airport ‏@DublinAirport

Sunset this evening from Dollymount Strand. Via @phcostel #lovedublin



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