Dollymount Strand

BcwmqLrIUAAGAfqI saw this photo of Dollymount Strand on Twitter. It reminded me of one of two beaches I had occasionally frequented as a child. The other one presently escapes me. I  had  been staying with the Boyne host family, as I was on licence from Goldenbridge. So, it would not have been terribly far away.

I remember there was a very pungent smell everywhere due to the seaweed. There were a lot of banks and rockeries to roam about. I think I may have slipped off with other children, or may have been accompanied by Irene and Valerie, who were the teenage daughters of Mrs. Boyne.

I distinctly remember finding out from somebody in later years, when I returned to Boyne St., that a boy by the surname of Earl had been drowned at one of the sea-sides. I don’t know which one it was at all.  Very sad. The Earls were very boisterous happy-go-lucky boys. I think there were a lot of Earl boys in the family that lived on a top verandah approximately three verandah’s away from the Boyne’s. I vaguely remember the mother being a very tall woman.

Photo: H/t Dublin Airport ‏@DublinAirport

Sunset this evening from Dollymount Strand. Via @phcostel #lovedublin



Donnybrook denuded berry branches


This photo was taken this afternoon. The ferocious storm experienced since Xmas day denuded the branches of the overflowing bunches of luscious orange berries. The birds are now having to resort to eating them off the grass ground. Ironically, it was hard getting photos of the birds when the berries were in full bloom, as they flitted off so quickly. However, the blackbird, as you can see, was happily resting on the bare branches after having a big feed down below. The birds are very cautious about feeding on low ground, but at this time of year they obviously have to take risks.

See: link below for same branch on Xmas day.

‘Nollaig Shona Duit’ Lonely magpie in the distance


Nollaig Shona Duit. Lonely Magpie in the distance. I only had to aim the camera in the far distance in order to capture a completely different mood to other photos that had been taken around the same time. See: link below. I can so feel for this image, as it depicts the type of darkness in my own nature. Note how the white part of the bird is illuminated against the grey/black background. There is a glimmer of hope there. The photo has not been retouched at all. When I take images of this calibre, I see perfect material patterns. The images are prominent, without being in one’s face, thus ideal for withstanding in one’s midst over a long period. The camera is not a professional one, but it still does not a bad job.

Nollaig Shona Duit

P1200691I took this photo outside the front balcony this Xmas day. It looks like the bird is lapping up the yellow berries. I had wondered if they were edible feed, as they’ve been on the branches all summer long. Perhaps, they’re left till very late when food is scarce. All sorts of birds have been fluctuating to the branches when the weather had permitted. The recent storms denuded some of the branches, but they’re still plentiful. I was told by a neighbour that the trees don’t bear berries every year. Apparently, the last time there were berries was three years go. I must look at photos of last year and see what the situation was indeed.


One has to be on the ball to get very focussed photos of birds, as they can fly off in a split second. However, if one is patient, and keeps flashing away there is bound to be luck. Can’t help thinking if these birds are young blackbirds, as there were definitely blackbirds hanging out as well. What makes me think that is the yellow on the side of the beak. Perhaps, the yellow could be from the berries. I shall have to find out.


This too is a beauty of a bird. I noticed that a lot of birds of this kind are very frequently nearby another tree. I think there could be a nest. Maybe a blackbirds’ nest. There was a lot of working going on with an extension to a house just underneath a tree that had a nest there last year.  The gardener told me that there has been a very large strange bird in the vicinity lately, that makes a very loud oink oink sound. I did hear it myself on one occasion. The magpies who had a stronghold in the area last year are keeping well into into the distance this year. They don’t even come to my balcony anymore. perhaps the resident pigeon and her mate have let it be known all around that this is their specific territory.


Here is a blackbird; there were a few of them feeding on the berries. Are they all one big happy family?

“Nollaig Shona Daoibh” (NO-Lihg HO-nuh JEEV) to Goldenbridge survivors


Photo taken by me during the end of summer 2012.

“Nollaig Shona Daoibh” to all survivors of Goldenbridge. This time of year is always the most toughest, as we are reminded of the emotional support we lacked in the past in the institution. To this day a lot of still stand stiff in the background watching the world embrace their families and friends. Always the bystanders and never the ones to be embraced, because we are indicative of utter neediness, which the world does not want to absorb or comprehend at the best of times. The world is at one with those who have families and friends, and not so with so many survivors of Goldenbridge.


Photo taken from balcony during early evening, approximately a week ago.

I would like to thank all those who have opened their doors to survivors of Goldenbridge and Industrial “Schools” in general in the past. The memories have lived with them forever. It can be a very cold world out there, and this time of year is especially tough, so all of you who come from loving families spare survivors of Goldenbridge a thought this Xmas-tide. Thanks. In the past survivors were dependent on newspaper adverts for kind host families to open up their homes to them for the the Xmas period.

The Butcher Boy – The Ludlow’s

This folk song also takes me back to my days in Goldenbridge. Again, I never became familiar with it, until I departed the institution.  The song, anyhow would have been banned in Goldenbridge, as were many other songs about LOVE. The Ludlow’s have got such brilliant harmonious voices. So soothing.

Tommy Mackem and the Clancy Brothers also sing a very rich version.

Frawley’s Thomas St. Dublin

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Dublin History ~ Frawley’s at Christmas on Thomas Street 1950s #Dublin @thomasstreetdub

Esther Boyne told me years ago that her mother and herself took me to Frawley’s to buy all my communion clothes. She said that I got a beautiful blue coat. I do remember my dress, as it had three dimensional bubbles on it, which reminded me evermore of sago, or rubber balls, as children called it, that we got for dessert in Goldenbridge. I have recollections of insisting that I get black patent horn-pipes, that were worn by children for Irish dancing, but also from old photos that I ‘ve seen were also worn by children at Holy Communion time.

I went into Frawley’s a couple of years ago to buy some items for old times sake. I was sad to see that the shop had changed hands. The shop front is still exactly the same – with the gates to boot.

Clothes for children at Goldenbridge were also purchased from Frawley’s.

 leap leg. I took a photo of the the entrance floor at Frawley’s  – but this one h/t leapleg – fits the theme better.


Modigliani – “A girl in blue”

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  Celina ‏@celinaroth04 18 Dec

    Amadeo Modigliani- “A girl in blue”- so touching.

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    7:37 PM – 18 Dec 13 · Details
    I’d like to share very “touching” painting this seasonal tide with those who were in Goldenbridge Industrial “School”. This time of year had no significance – or very little, indeed – when we were incarcerated in that hellhole in the past. I  have no good memories at all. Excepting for the kind people who gave up parties and presents, and of which the latter were snatched away from us in the aftermath of the parties, and stored away in a big wicker-backet at the back of the stage in the Rec [wreck-hall] only to make a re-appearance at a subsequent party the following year.
    The best way to handle this time of year is to step back from the hustle and the bustle. It can be so difficult reading  online about the joy that flows from people in general, as they regale about visiting their families and friends. People want to be around joyful people. Not needy survivors. I know that survivors get extremely sad at this time, as all the past neglect is forced to the fore, and constant triggers are just waiting around the corner to make them extremely anxious and sorrowful. I personally find that not expecting people to reach out can help keep one grounded, as there are then no expectations.
    I got one Xmas card, and don’t expect to get any more. So that’ll tell one how popular I am. People keep survivors at a great distance because they have too many needs. Anyway, one only has to look at the lack of support I’ve been getting for writing, which really speaks for itself.

    Goldenbridge cloister antics and the like via Twitter

    1. @annekquinlan Aye. ‘Buddy’ was surely an exhibitionist. I like phrase, ‘wedding tackle’. It fits perfectly with his ‘shock thriller’ actions.

    2. A maintenance man brought older girls up to the stage in Rec [wreck-hall]. He fondled them & whatever else. They were given bags of sweets.

    3. Goldenbridge girls were always asked if they’d pull ‘the sausages’ of the men in the cloister. I’d reckon some did unbeknownst to themselves.

    4. @annekquinlan Blimey — we were so innocent and clueless. I thought the man was protecting “swollen thumb” by covering it up in his pocket.

    5. @annekquinlan I remember bawling my eyes out at seeing a man in the GB cloister with a very swollen thumb. Another girl said I looked sad.

    6. So betwixt vulnerable men in cloister displaying genitals, & staff minder flashing breasts, children were introduced to others’ body parts.

    7. There was a minor staff member in Goldenbridge who used to lift her jumper up and flash & touch her breasts at young girls. She needed help.

    8. I knew another woman who was convinced that if she didn’t have huge breasts, that she would have been thrown on the dung heap. Saving Grace.

    9. @annekquinlan Twas an obsessional thing. She got so much instant attention, which she revelled in. The instant shock on folks faces said all.

    1. I often wonder do some people hide behind the feminism banner to mostly talk about sex. There are so many on Twitter who simply do sex talk.

    2. Some women will go to any lengths to enhance their breast size – so as to gain attention. Strange…these obsessions within & out of religion.

    3. I remember a woman in the country who used to lift her jumper up to reveal her breasts to onlookers in the local community hall. Streaking?!

    4. Girls in Goldenbridge were told they were disgusting, if they were seen running on the corridors, with their breasts automatically wobbling.

    5. Was reading a Wiki article where … Trans-men also wear binding 2 flatten their breasts. Survivors were given no choice.

    6. A survivor from St. George’s, Industrial “School” Limerick told me once that her breasts were daily bound with special cloth 2 flatten them.

    7. Had a letter from the RISF. Need 2 get stuff sorted out in the NY. Haven’t been up to scratch lately due to so much unnecessary distraction.

    8. The article was sent to Dr. Zimbardo by my tutor / editor of B&W. RT ‘The Goldenbridge Secret Rosary Bead Factory’ .

    9. Hard to believe that this article was written in 2006. RT ‘The Goldenbridge Secret Rosary Bead Factory’.  @sharethis.